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Be Your Own Coach:
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Be Your Own Coach is filled with exercises and practices that you can use to coach yourself. In this section we will continue to offer you more practices to work with the ideas in the book.

If you happen to be a corporate coach, these practices will provide you with alternatives to use in coaching courses you may be teaching using our book. You may also use these practices with your in-house coaching clients.

If you are an independent professional coach, you can use these practices as a supplement to the ones offered in the book.








Begin this months practice by reflecting upon which domains you currently inhabit. The ten domains are: career, financial, relationships, roles, physical, spiritual, leisure, reflection, learning and creativity. (Click here to read this months article for more details about the domains or read Be Your Own Coach pages 70-72). Consider these questions:

    Which domains have you abandoned?

    Which domains have you not yet entered?

    Which domains do you most prefer?

Now write out a coaching opening you are currently facing (see pages 3-5 in Be Your Own Coach if you aren't sure what a coaching opening is, or look back through previous months' practices on this website). What domain is your opening in?

Looking at the other domains you live in, which ones might give you a fresh perspective on your opening? Is there a domain you aren't accessing that might bring you new approaches to your coaching opening? (Read this month's book, or watch this month's movie for ideas on how to do this)

After taking time for personal reflection, meet with a coaching partner to discuss how you might actually enter a different domain to deal with your coaching opening. Try out one of the ideas you discussed together. Set a time to meet with your coaching partner again to share what you're learning about yourself, your coaching opening and working with different domains.








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