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Be Your Own Coach:
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Be Your Own Coach is filled with exercises and practices that you can use to coach yourself. In this section we will continue to offer you more practices to work with the ideas in the book.

If you happen to be a corporate coach, these practices will provide you with alternatives to use in coaching courses you may be teaching using our book. You may also use these practices with your in-house coaching clients.

If you are an independent professional coach, you can use these practices as a supplement to the ones offered in the book.








Imagine you have just come from a meeting with a colleague and are noticing that you are a little angry about something she said to you. In fact, you are angry enough that you feel you need to say something to her, because you fear that if you don't speak your mind, you will not be able to work well with her in the future. How will you go about saying what you need to say?

Write down what you would like to say. Do not censor yourself. Notice your words and ask yourself if you could hear those words if someone said them to you.

On page 43 of our book, Be Your Own Coach, we present an age-old concept called "right speech." Right speech says that you speak the truth, in a kind way, with the intention of your words being useful to you and to the other person, and with your ultimate intention being to unify instead of creating distance. Using these guidelines, rewrite what you need to say. Then, go say what you need to say.

This week, keep the concepts of right speech in the forefront of your consciousness. Whenever you speak, be sure your speech is: truthful, kind, useful, and unifying.








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