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Be Your Own Coach is filled with exercises and practices that you can use to coach yourself. In this section we will continue to offer you more practices to work with the ideas in the book.

If you happen to be a corporate coach, these practices will provide you with alternatives to use in coaching courses you may be teaching using our book. You may also use these practices with your in-house coaching clients.

If you are an independent professional coach, you can use these practices as a supplement to the ones offered in the book.








Coaching practice related to the movie About Schmidt.

Coaching Practice:

  1. For the next month, be aware and mindful as you go through your day. As you engage in your daily activities, ask yourself the question, am I doing this by choice or by habit? In your journal, you may want to address these questions:

    Is that ok with me?

    If I felt I could make a new choice, what would it be?

    After a month, see if you can notice some trends in your habits and choices, and take action to address what is not serving you.
  2. Schmidt was not what we would call an ‘extender.’ He stayed within himself and reached out to others in selfish ways. To what extent do you reach out and extend yourself to others? For the next month, practice making an offer to people around you, and notice what happens. An offer can be an offer to help, to make something easier, to take something off of someone’s work plate, to be available…the point is to extend yourself beyond your usual comfort zone. In your journal, you may want to address these questions:

    What was the effect of extending myself to others?

    What did I notice about myself?

    What did I learn?

    What will I continue to do or not do as a result of this learning?





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