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Does Your Organization
Have a Coaching Culture?

Take this test and find out.

Here is a checklist to use to determine whether your
organization has a coaching culture.

To the extent that you can answer a resounding “yes”
to each of these questions, your organization is on its way.

__ Do people and their jobs match?
__ Is communication respectful?
__ Is diversity welcomed?
__ Is communication welcomed?
__ Are there numerous informal leaders?
__ Are people relaxed?
__ Is learning valued?
__ Are people curious?
__ Do you hear laughter?
__ Does the organization engage in reflection?
__ Does the organization support balanced living?
__ Are people excited to work there?
__ Do employees know what is expected of them?
__ Do employees have the chance to be learners and
     develop their talents?
__ Is appreciation a common word in your organization?
__ Do people feel cared for?
__ Do people help each other?
__ Do people notice and acknowledge each other?
__ Are people honest and kind with each other?
__ Are people aligned to the organization’s mission,
   vision, and values?
__ Do people create together? Is creativity encouraged?
__ Do people have the resources they need to do
     their jobs well?
__ Do leaders have developmental conversations with
__ Are leaders open to feedback from subordinates?
__ Are people encouraged to stretch themselves?
__ Are people free to challenge each other?
__ Do people feel supported?

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