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Be Your Own Coach:
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Be Your Own Coach is filled with exercises and practices that you can use to coach yourself. In this section we will continue to offer you more practices to work with the ideas in the book.

If you happen to be a corporate coach, these practices will provide you with alternatives to use in coaching courses you may be teaching using our book. You may also use these practices with your in-house coaching clients.

If you are an independent professional coach, you can use these practices as a supplement to the ones offered in the book.








In Part 1 of Be Your Own Coach we identified several openings for coaching, one of these is after a success. This month notice situations when you are successful. Keep a running list in your journal of your successes, both personal and successful. Answer these questions about each of your successes:

  1. In which domain did this success occur (see page 72 in Be Your Own Coach for a list of domains?)
  2. What do you think contributed to your success? (see page 11 in Be Your Own Coach for a list of possible causes to get you started on your own list)
  3. How did you celebrate your success?

At the end of the month review your list of successes and reflect on the following questions:

  1. Were your successes all in one domain? How might you expand your successes into new domains?
  2. Is there a common thread that runs through all of your successes? In other words, are you continually relying on the same skills or strengths for your success?
  3. If you notice that all your success comes from using the same gifts again and again, ask yourself if this is limiting you in any way. For more insight into this question review pages 55-58 in Be Your Own Coach and read this month’s book review on The Last Word on Power. Success formulas can wear out. Has yours?






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